Reinstalling macOS

Setting-up a Mac for web development

15th April, 2017

I keep this updated for my own benefit, feel free to use it.

Erase and Reinstall

Follow Appleā€™s official instructions on reformatting your Mac.


Install the missing package manager.

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew update


brew install zsh zsh-completions

I then store my config files in a dotfiles repo. Symlink the .zshrc file and zplug will install all the required plugins.


Use rbenv to manage the version of Ruby your system will use.

brew install rbenv
rbenv init

Choose a Ruby version to install:

rbenv install -l
rbenv install 2.4.1
echo 2.4.1 >> ~/.ruby-version


brew install git

Restart Terminal

touch ~/.gitconfig
open -a TextEdit ~/.gitconfig

Add the following:

    name = Will Stone
    email =
    default = simple
    a = add
    cm = commit -m
    s = status
    p = push

Trash CLI

Easily move items to the trash from the command line, using trash filename. Website:

brew install trash

App Store Apps

  • Affinity Designer
  • DaisyDisk
  • Pixelmator
  • Wunderlist

Brew Cask Apps

brew cask install ...
  • appcleaner
  • bettertouchtool (Preferences are stored in Dropbox)
  • dropbox
  • visual-studio-code (install sync-settings extension)
  • firefox
  • istat-menus (Preferences are stored in Dropbox)
  • qlmarkdown (Quick Look Markdown; use the spacebar in finder to quickly open markdown files)
  • spotify
  • telegram

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