I'm Will Stone, a TypeScript / JavaScript developer, currently working in London, UK. Follow me on Twitter , connect with me on LinkedIn , or check out my code on GitHub .


Side Projects

Browserosaurus Browserosaurus Browser prompter for macOS. Electron React TypeScript HTML CSS SpotSpot SpotSpot Spotify mini-player for macOS. Electron React TypeScript HTML CSS Plastic Plastic Simple syntax and UI theme for Visual Studio Code. JavaScript Node Flexible Boxes Flexible Boxes CSS flexbox layout generator. React TypeScript HTML CSS Jest In Any Case In Any Case String conversion for Visual Studio Code. TypeScript Mocha MobX-Cookie MobX-Cookie Synchronise a cookie's value with a MobX observable. TypeScript Jest WAIT! Animate WAIT! Animate Calculates CSS keyframe percentages to insert a delay between each animation iteration. JavaScript AngularJS HTML CSS