The browser prompter for macOS 11.4

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Select x64 for Intel machines, or arm64 for Apple Silicon (M1) machines.

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How it works

Check the link

Set Browserosaurus as your default browser.

Links clicked outside of browsers will now show the picker window.

Choose the correct browser

Open the browser you need.

Or don't. Browserosaurus prevents browsers from opening automatically, allowing you the choice of whether to continue or not.

System themes

Made for macOS

With system-conforming light and dark themes.


How do I set my favourite browser?

A favourite browser will open when the SPACE key is pressed. It will also move to the front of the picker window, and therefore an easier target to click with the mouse. You can set your favourite in the settings menu.

I would like to open a particular browser automatically for specific URLs.

Browserosaurus does not provide a method for automatically selecting browsers, rather opting for the consistency that the picker window will show every time. If you would like to be able to set rules, I highly recommend Finicky by John Sterling which can very easily be used in tandem with Browserosaurus, meaning the best of both worlds: a rules engine and a graphical interface.

The picker window is very slow to display.

The app needs to be running in the background for the picker window to show immediately. You can confirm Browserosaurus is running by looking for the "B" icon in the menubar. If Browserosaurus is not currently running, it can take a few seconds until it is available. Each subsequently clicked link will open the picker window promptly.

I am clicking links in my browser but Browserosaurus does not show.

Only links clicked outside of browsers will open Browserosaurus. This is by design.

Does Browserosaurus collect any of my data and send it to an online service?


Not even the link I click?

No. The only outgoing call Browserosaurus makes is to check for an update.

I installed or removed a browser but I am not seeing this updated in the picker window.

Browserosaurus checks for installed browsers when it is first opened. Clicking the reload button, in the settings menu, will reload the app, triggering a new scan for installed browsers.

I have a browser that is not shown in the picker window, even after reloading Browserosaurus.

Browserosaurus supports a select list of browsers. I am not currently accepting any more requests to support other browsers. Also, please ensure that Spotlight's indexing for applications is enabled in the Spotlight settings, as this is required for Browserosaurus to find your installed browsers.

Why/how is this free?

Browserosaurus has by far been the most enjoyable project I have ever created and this comes from the fact that I use it every day. Being a fan of open source software, I thought I would share it with the world. If you love Browserosaurus as much as I do, please consider sponsoring its future maintenance. Thank you.

Download from GitHub

Select x64 for Intel machines, or arm64 for Apple Silicon (M1) machines.

Source code

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Screenshot of Buy Me a Coffee supporter: Thank you for making exactly what I needed before I realized I needed it. Browserosaurus is great.